Teaching Kids About Stewardship

Teaching Kids About Stewardship

Last term in Liquid Kids, we introduced the idea of tithing and giving God our ‘first fruits’ (Proverbs 3:9). We decided to call it the ‘giving’ component of our program where all of the kids were encouraged and given the opportunity to bring a coin or whatever they ‘decided in their hearts to give’ (2 Corinthians 9:7).

Each week we would celebrate and talk about how our giving was going to bless others, specifically the children of Huruma children’s home in Kenya who are mothered by the wonderful Mama Zipporah. We held up a photo each Sunday of the kids in Kenya for our Liquid Kids to identify that they are extending Gods love and grace to those in need but otherwise are kids just like them.

The response from our amazing kids at Liquid Church has been heart-warming. They have really embraced the idea surrounding being thankful for what they have and giving back to the one who first gave (John 3:16).

Last Sunday  highlighted to me the beauty of a child’s faith and the generosity they so willingly give. I had two girls explain to me how they are purposeful about putting some of their money aside at home for giving. The first girl said she has been working hard at continually adding to her collection of giving money at home, and that one day when she is old enough she wants to bring it to the kids in Kenya herself.

The second girl explained how her parents are encouraging her and her siblings to become good stewards of money. They have started to replicate three key money handling habits in their home that they had heard about from another source. The three habits involve each child putting their earnings or pocket money into three separate jars labelled “give”, “save” and “spend”. They deposit 10% into GIVE, 40% into SAVE and 50% into SPEND. This girl told her mum that she wanted to bring her “giving” money to Liquid Kids each week to put towards blessing others in need.


Firstly, my thoughts went straight to what a beautiful heart this girl has and secondly, I felt a great deal of respect for her parents and it inspired me to think about teaching my own children how to be good stewards of what God has blessed them with.

The kids we have in our Liquid Church family are continually teaching and challenging me to look at my own personal walk with God and how I can bring it back to a childlike faith.

My challenge for Liquid Church is to also be inspired by these children and to have a look at how you personally are being stewards of what God has blessed you with.

For any families wanting to implement these habits of stewardship surrounding money with your children, here is a link to the “Give”, “Save” and “Share” method and labels that you can print off and create for your children.

We will continue to make ‘Giving’ a part of our Liquid Kids program and are excited to see what God continues to do and has yet to do through our kids.


Jacqui Walsh

Children’s and Families Director


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