The Story of Us – is a Story of Forgiveness

The Story of Us – is a Story of Forgiveness

Wynand continues with our current series – The Story of Us. We have seen that humans are deeply anxious because of our separation from God, and we try to address this anxiety by taking matters in our own hands and we notice that we become self-obsessed in our attempt to deal with this anxiety, but we also fall into the trap of self-importance, and we seek fulfillment in things, people and experiences but they always seem to fall short of what we need. This week we look at Forgiveness and see how the struggles we encounter can be made right, and our Freedom is secured through the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary’s Cross.

The guide references for this week are from Romans 4 and Colossians 2 v 13-ff

This week’s supporting application video is available here


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