8 May 2016

The Book of James: Hurting the Heart of God

Tonight Rob Hansen teaches from James 4:1-10 with a focus on the way we see ourselves and the fact that God has invited us to receive an upgrade.
1 May 2016

Heart Wars

God has more for you, but there is a war against His more, tonight Glenn Watson encourages us to spring clean our hearts and make room for God's more.
24 April 2016

The Book of James: Humble or Hiding

As we continue our journey through James, Brad tonight teaches from James 3:13-18, focusing on the 2 heart attitudes in this passage; and asks the question - Are you humble or hiding?
17 April 2016

The Book of James: Life and Death….

Tonight Murray teaches on the Power of the Tongue, and how the words we speak can either breathe oxygen or asphyxiate us.
10 April 2016

Compassion means Action

This week we hear stories from the GBAB team who recently returned from a mission trip to Thailand, and reflect on what it means to live out a life of compassion.
3 April 2016

Dreams and Visions

Guest Preachers Tim and Bronwyn Perry share tonight on the hope that can only be found in Jesus.