19 February 2017

Vision Series: Deeper in Worship

This week at Liquid we went deeper in our worship. What a powerful time of connecting with God and hearing what it means to truly surrender.
12 February 2017

Vision Series: Deeper – An Introduction

Today Murray launched our Vision series for the year called DEEPER. As an intro to the series, we were challenged to take a step of faith to experience God's 'rivers of living water’ in our own lives by stepping into God’s presence and then to intentionally,  go deeper.
5 February 2017

Moving in the Marketplace

Tonight we hear from Brenton Killeen, who challenges us to move in our marketplace and seek opportunities to share our faith.
29 January 2017

Summer Series: Testify – The Expansive Life

Tonight we conclude our Summer Series, and hear from Stu how he has learn't to live an expansive life, by letting God write the narrative. Who is writing your next chapter?
22 January 2017

Summer Series: Testify – The Power of Perception

We were blessed to have Matt Destry preach a powerful word on Sunday, reminding us that no matter who we perceive ourselves to be or who the world perceives us to be – we are Sons and Daughters of the Most High God – and from this truth we are able to live powerful and effective lives for Him!
8 January 2017

Summer Series: Testify – Priorities

This week Murray encouraged us to take time to reflect on our priorities as we begin the new year, ensuring that they line up with God's priorities for our lives. We learnt that sometimes our good intentions don't automatically become priorities in our life.
24 December 2016

Jesus Came: As the Hope of the World

Murray wraps our Jesus Came series and today speaks about the everlasting gift of hope that Jesus brings at Christmas Time.