23 April 2017

Easter Series: Deeper In the Gospel (Grace)

Tonight Murray continues our Deeper In The Gospel Easter Series, and focuses this week on grace, and how it can make transformational change in our lives.
16 April 2017

Vision Series: Deeper…In the Gospel

This Easter Sunday we celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive and consider what it means for His resurrection spirit to come alive in us.
9 April 2017

Vision Series: Deeper…In Testimony

This week's podcast is a recording of some people from Liquid sharing their testimonies during last Sunday's gathering, how God has shown up in moments and people's lives to bring hope, healing and transformation.
2 April 2017

Vision Series: Deeper…In our Invitation

Continuing the ‘Deeper’ Series, this week Murray challenges us with the question...'What does it mean to live a life of invitation?'
26 March 2017

Vision Series: Deeper….In Compassion

Tonight we hear from guest speaker Dr. Ash Barker on how a heart of compassion lead him and his family to serve the urban poor throughout the world. His challenge for us is to live out the gospel in our own neighbourhood.
19 March 2017

Vision Series: Deeper…In Gratitude

Is it possible to have an 'Attitude of Gratitude' no matter what is going on in our lives? This week in our Deeper series we are challenged to be intentional with our thankfulness.
12 March 2017

Vision Series: Deeper in Community

Continuing our Vision series, “Deeper,” Murray unpacks what it looks like to live as a biblical model of community. It all starts with the nature of God, and as His people brought together by His Spirit, we can reflect who He is by how we are with each other.
19 February 2017

Vision Series: Deeper in Worship

This week at Liquid we went deeper in our worship. What a powerful time of connecting with God and hearing what it means to truly surrender.
12 February 2017

Vision Series: Deeper – An Introduction

Today Murray launched our Vision series for the year called DEEPER. As an intro to the series, we were challenged to take a step of faith to experience God's 'rivers of living water’ in our own lives by stepping into God’s presence and then to intentionally,  go deeper.