20 August 2017

Deeper in Freedom: Freedom in Surrender

What does it look like to live a life of surrender without agenda? We are created to live as mighty warriors who know their identity in Christ and live out their calling with freedom. Caz Holmes encourages us to pick up our 'weapons' and stand in the truth of who God says that we are.
13 August 2017

Deeper in Freedom: Freedom from Approval

We are called to please an audience of One. The desire to be well thought of and accepted isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when this takes the place that was made for God, we may be operating from an 'approval addiction'.
6 August 2017

Deeper in Freedom: Freedom from Shame

Shame is the most toxic belief system that seeks to undermine the grace-filled Gospel of Jesus. In this message, Simon Williams helps us understand what shame is and how we can begin to experience healing from a shame-based mindset - by engaging with freedom that leads us into ongoing transformation.
30 July 2017

Deeper in Freedom: Freedom from Religion

Stu McKenzie opens up on what being free from religion looks like - and how Jesus invites us to a life that is above judgement, and is based on love. Religion can have its place, but it is at its best when we follow Jesus’ example.
23 July 2017

Deeper in Freedom…Planted for Life

David and Andrea Cross of Zoe Foundation Australia inspired us with their work to free children from slavery and exploitation in Thailand. Using the analogy of 4 types of trees, we see how God plants us to love and serve others, bringing life and justice to our world right where we are.
16 July 2017

Deeper In Relationships – The Cause

God has created us with a cause to live for. We all have a God-given us a purpose. During this message, we are challenged to fearlessly pursue and live out this cause with a faith-filled intentionality.
9 July 2017

Deeper In Relationships: Singleness

This week Simon Williams tackles the issue of ‘Singleness’ and presents a biblical understanding of the priorities God gives us to live by, whether we are single, married or single again. It is a challenge for all of us to be ‘single – minded’. Please note: The content of this message deals with issues of a graphic and sensitive (sexual) nature.
2 July 2017

Deeper…In Family

We continue our Deeper in Relationship series with Murray sharing some practical steps that will encourage and lead us to live out God’s plan for our family.
25 June 2017

Deeper in Relationships – Marriage

A marriage that truly honours God and continue to be healthy is one where you and I always pursue our spouse. This week we look at the ways we can live a life of pursuit in our marriage.
18 June 2017

Deeper in Relationships – An Introduction

We jumped into our new series ‘Deeper in Relationships’ learning that all healthy relationships begin from a place where we need to be able to love ourselves, first.