23 July 2017

Deeper in Freedom…Planted for Life

David and Andrea Cross of Zoe Foundation Australia inspired us with their work to free children from slavery and exploitation in Thailand. Using the analogy of 4 types of trees, we see how God plants us to love and serve others, bringing life and justice to our world right where we are.
21 May 2017

Vision Series: Deeper – In The Lords Prayer

'Show us how to pray'. Jesus responded to this request with the Lord's Prayer. This week our team unpack this prayer, verse by verse.
14 May 2017

Easter Series: Deeper – In Rest

During this week’s message we hear of the importance of going deeper in rest. We learn that Jesus teaches to rest in God is one of the most spiritual things we can do.
7 May 2017

Easter Series: Deeper – In The World Around Us

Today we heard from a living example of what it means to live out the Gospel, when Murray interviewed Laura Borg from "Baan Op Un" (House of Warmth) in Thailand.
23 April 2017

Easter Series: Deeper In the Gospel (Grace)

Tonight Murray continues our Deeper In The Gospel Easter Series, and focuses this week on grace, and how it can make transformational change in our lives.
16 April 2017

Vision Series: Deeper…In the Gospel

This Easter Sunday we celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive and consider what it means for His resurrection spirit to come alive in us.
9 April 2017

Vision Series: Deeper…In Testimony

This week's podcast is a recording of some people from Liquid sharing their testimonies during last Sunday's gathering, how God has shown up in moments and people's lives to bring hope, healing and transformation.
2 April 2017

Vision Series: Deeper…In our Invitation

Continuing the ‘Deeper’ Series, this week Murray challenges us with the question...'What does it mean to live a life of invitation?'
26 March 2017

Vision Series: Deeper….In Compassion

Tonight we hear from guest speaker Dr. Ash Barker on how a heart of compassion lead him and his family to serve the urban poor throughout the world. His challenge for us is to live out the gospel in our own neighbourhood.