Liquid Kids

Liquid Kids

This year in Liquid Kids our mission is to teach kids the foundations of Christianity and to help them understand and explore the personal relationship that Jesus wants with them. As a church family, the Vision we have for our Children is to see them passionately living God’s Love and Truth.

In term 1 we will be teaching on the values of Liquid Church. Each week, we will pick up a new value to explore, it will mirror the same topic that the adults will be hearing in ‘BIG’ church. What an exciting opportunity to create discussion’s around the family dinner table each week!

This year we will also be transitioning back to the names we used to use for Liquid Kids.

They will be:

Splash – Walkers to Pre-School
WipeOut – Primary age

Eventually when we have a larger team, we hope to run 3 groups:

Bubbles – walkers to 3 yrs
Splash – 4 yrs to Grade 3
WipeOut – Grade 4/5/6

Due to allergies, we have decided to not allow children to bring their own food. For the ‘Splash’ Kids we will provide gluten free crackers for them to eat if they are hungry. Should they require other food, feel free to sign them out of the program and sit with them in the Church foyer or in the court yard as they eat.

This year we are also requiring all parents to put their names down once a term to help us meet our required numbers for supervision.  A term roster will be available at the rego desk for you to put our names on.

This will be rewarding for you to see your child/children in action but also great for your kids to see you engaging in the experience with them.

Got a gift? We can use you!!

In Liquid Kids we have loads of exciting opportunities for people of all ages to get involved.

During the programs we have areas such as teaching, running games, music, building relationships with kids and more. If your not so comfortable hanging out with the kids we also often require help in areas such as Welcoming families at the sign in desk, building props/sets for the program, organising events, admin/graphic design and more!

To jump in and support our kids, contact Jacqui Walsh on 0409183943 for more info.


Jacqui Walsh


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