Announcement to Liquid Church Community – Sunday 27 May 2018

Announcement to Liquid Church Community – Sunday 27 May 2018

As you are all aware, we have recently celebrated 10 years of Liquid Church.

Caz & I have been blessed to have been called by God to Plant, Pioneer & Pastor Liquid, over the past 10 years.

When God placed the vision for a new church on the Mornington Peninsula, we could have only imagined the amazing people he would have drawn to be a part of the Liquid family.

To see people…

– Come to know Jesus,

– Be baptised,

– Step into ministry opportunities,

– Discover their spiritual gifts & passions

– Begin to live out God’s purpose

& Come alive in their faith, has been an incredible blessing for us.

Along with the highlights & blessings there have been some challenging times too. This is normal with a growing community of faith. However, these times can & do take their toll.

Along with the time of reflecting on the past 10 years, Caz and I have also been praying about what the next 10 years might look like for Liquid & considering the way forward. During this time, as we have prayed & spoken together, prayed with intercessors, spoke to our mentors and most importantly… listened for & to God’s voice, God in His grace, has revealed to us some fresh insights.

He has reaffirmed His CALL on our life for serving God in ministry.

We all have a ‘call’ on our lives. His CALL for us is to serving Him in ministry with our lives, in whatever capacity he asks.

We have also gained understanding that God brings different ASSIGNMENTS along the way during our life. For the past 10 years that assignment for us has been the blessing to pioneer & pastor Liquid Church.

However, God has made it clear to us that He is now bringing this assignment to a close for us and He is calling us out of Liquid.

So, over the past week Caz and I have been in conversation with the Elders of Liquid Church and we have submitted our resignation to Liquid and I will be stepping down as Senior Pastor & we will be moving on to what God has next for us.

One of our pillars here at Liquid, and something that I have continually taught, is that God wants His children to live with Courageous Faith & obedience. When God speaks and we know that we know it is Him. We must respond! This is one of those moments, and it is important that we trust Jesus with this.

As I have mentioned, God has made it extremely clear, & confirmed to us in many & different ways that it is time for us to move on & I am happy to speak about what this has looked like another time.

We currently do not have another role to step immediately into. But we know that God has all that in hand as we continue to walk by faith with Him.

After an appropriate time of transition & hand over, we will be taking a bit of a break, to heal & to recharge the batteries.

We also know & trust that God will provide just the right leaders/pastors ready to lead Liquid into the next 10 years and beyond.

Romans 8:28 ‘We know that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.’

It has been an honour & privilege to lead & pastor you.
We love you guys, We love Liquid, We love our Liquid family. We want to see Liquid flourish…

We truly believe that the best is yet to come.

– Murray and Caz Holmes


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