A Sense of Expectancy… with John Doyle

A Sense of Expectancy… with John Doyle

I am a keen bird watcher and have been so since early childhood. When I go out to watch birds I expect to see birds. And I do. I have found that the same thing applies to prayer. When I pray I have a sense of expectancy that God will hear and answer my prayers. And He does. This has not always been my experience but has grown over time as I have come to realise more fully that God wants to have a deep personal relationship with me. He wants to communicate with me and wants me to hear from Him. An on-going sense of expectancy has developed out of this.

As I look for birds, I listen for their calls, I notice the slightest fleeting shadow, the sudden movement of a branch, the rustle of some leaves or grass. All this takes time and usually a lot of patience. In prayer as I take time to listen for His voice and to recognise it I get to know Him better and to know His character in a fuller way. I come to realise that God is more reliable and dependable than anyone I have ever known. And so my sense of expectancy just grows and grows.

I know God never changes and His promises are always true. He says:

“Ask and it will be opened to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him knocks, the door will be opened.”Luke 11:9-10.

You and I have read or heard these verses so often that they can become ho hum. Therein lies a danger to having a sense of complacency. I try and sense Jesus speaking these words personally to me for the very first time. What a difference that makes!

Some time ago our daughter rang to ask for prayer about an important church key that she had lost and had looked for over 3 days. This had quite serious security implications. We prayed with a great sense of expectancy that God would guide our daughter to where this key was. With great joy our daughter rang back a few hours later to say she had found the key in a place which she had searched before. Our God wants us to pray with expectancy and He won’t let us down.
РJohn Doyle 


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